Interior Designer

Many people wonder “Why would I hire an interior designer when I can pick everything out myself and just have my contractor do the work?” And the answer to that question is simple – working with a reputable St. Louis interior designer will result in a better end result. But it’s not just the end result, it’s the steps that lead to that beautiful home or commercial space. We ensure each step of the way goes smoothly on a wide variety of interior design and decor projects.

Not only that, but because we have relationships with sources we’ve cultivated for years we can often get unique products that your average contractor probably doesn’t know about, and a lot cheaper than homeowners can get on their own. This results in a really custom design that perfectly suits you, and at a lower cost.

Do we only provide Interior Design services? No, but our specialty really is design. If you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, we’ll design the space, show you a realistic 3D mockup so you can see it and make any changes BEFORE materials are purchased or installed, and take the lead on managing the remodel project.

Interested in redesigning or remodeling a part of your home? Call us for a free 1-hour consultation at 314-885-3258.